Welcome to the Barbershop POS site.

Our software has been designed from the ground up for YOUR single or multi site barber shop.

Barbershop POS is a suite of two separate software applications, both of which run on Windows platform.

The first application runs your till system in order to process sales and safely store records of all transactions. It will correctly calculate wages, commission, and many other necessary pieces of information. It is highly configurable to your specific business needs.

The second application is a back-office program which you can use to remotely view and manage sales promotions, and view daily, weekly, and monthly sales data - amongst many other things.

Download a trial version (all features enabled) today to see exactly how powerful and customisable our software is, and how it can benefit YOUR business.

Input all of your expenses and costs (for example - Wages, Rent, Rates, Electric, insurances, Music Licenses, Wifi cost) into the configuration menu, click calculate, and you will be shown what money you need to take on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to break even. Any money taken after this will be your profit.

In addition to this, if you have any "chair renters" then you can enter the amount that they pay you per week to rent their chair, and the percentage of takings that they get to keep, and then the system will also take this into consideration when calculating breakeven costs.

Download a trial copy of Barbershop POS now.

Click HERE to download the trial software.

The trial software can be installed on a regular PC, or an actual EPOS Till system.

Click HERE to download the manual for the BarberShop POS software

When installing the trial package, please use store number 999 and password TEST

Please note that you will need a permanent broadband connection as the software requires this in order to operate.

Download Barbershop POS Back Office software.

Click the screenshot above or click HERE to download the BarberShop POS Back Office software.

When installing the Back-Office package, please use store number 999 and password TEST

The Back-Office software can be installed on the EPOS Till itself, or on a completely separate PC (which would be the usual setup i.e. in the back office , or at your home in order to monitor sales when you are not at your business).